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October 2019

As the end of October approaches, the leaves are changing, the weather has dropped in temperature, the rutting deer are out and about. It’s such a pretty, changing season. I don’t know about you, but my kids are over the top excited about Halloween coming up. I think they have changed their minds a dozen times about what costumes they want to wear this year. There are pumpkins to be carved, apple cider to drink. All the fun, exciting fires and cool nights. You can tell this is my favorite season, can’t you? Along with all the excitement that fall brings, kemmco has been really changing too. We have featured new products, completely new and different services, you name it. We are changing the way we do our advertising; the dynamic of the company has changed. Every day we come up with new and exciting ideas to keep our employees motivated, our customers satisfied and our business profitable. We work as a team, brainstorming new ideas all the time. As a company, it is so very important to have your employees feel that their ideas and contributions make an impact on the success of the company. It keeps them wanting to come back, wanting more. Not to mention when things are in constant motion and changing all the time, its kind of helps with those upcoming seasonal blues, the same old same old routine, and keeps things exciting. No one wants to stand around and do the same exact thing day in and day out. Some people may have to do that because they don’t have any other choice, but let’s be real, no one actually wants that. I used to do that, I worked in a factory where I watched parts come off a conveyor belt for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Let me tell you how excruciating that was. The days seemed like weeks; the weeks took forever to get through. Let’s just say I didn’t last that long at that job. I wanted more. I wasn’t making a difference in the very large company. I was simply a robot being put in place to babysit a machine that did all the work for me. I felt like an ant. Have you ever put ants in an ant farm, or spent a summer day as a kid watching them work on their hills? They march in line and walk back and forth, and back and forth. They do the exact same thing all day every day. How mundane! In todays world, there are so many avenues for a business to go down, so many different ways to advertise, so many different ways to crash and burn or rise above everyone else. With so many markets creating business sales right at your fingertips- literally- just click and buy. You really need to have something special about your business to set yourself apart from the rest. Obviously competitive pricing is always a big factor, but how many people these days actually go out and price match? I took a poll of 50 people, and you know how many people said they just buy the first one they see? Almost 89% of the people I asked. That’s huge. People these days want easy, they want fast and convenient. So when they type in a website and search for the product or service they’re looking for, the first one that pops up is most likely the one they will go with. 89% of them in my findings. So maybe you need to brainstorm some new ideas. Maybe you need to put a spin on a service you offer that sets you apart from others who offer the same service? Maybe you have better pricing, but do they have better advertising? How can you top your competitor? New ideas, new jobs and service, keeps everyone on their toes. So maybe call a meeting and let everyone spout out ideas left and right. You never know when the next random thought in a brainstorming session could be your biggest asset yet. You never know when one small idea, could be the result of you becoming the next biggest company in your industry. 


October 2019

Summer has finally come to an end and we prepare to welcome a new season, one that I always appreciate. It continues to prove to me, how change is important and how letting things go can help you move foward and start fresh. The trees begin to change colors, and drop the leaves that they nurished to life all spring and summer. We do this in business life as well. Hiring new employees, taking on new jobs, and starting new ventures inside the company. We nurture these new beginings until they are ready to take off and become their own independant part of our company. Using tools and resources we have provided to make our company as a whole, work and progress forward. Like the fall, when the leaves begin to drop, it reminds me that I too need to take time to reflect and decide when it is time to let things go. Maybe that means taking the time to clear off the always cluttered papers thrown all over the desk, or clean out that drawer that everything always seems to just get tossed into. Maybe it means bigger things, like letting go of an employee unfortunalty or maybe its time for an employee to let go of our business so they can grow and move on the path they need to take. And maybe it means to let go of certain projects or ideas that have been more of a headache than they are worth. It's important to let go of things in life, so you have room and energy for the things that will be more beneficial to you. Everyone needs to do personal inventory at times, and letting certain things go means, gaining even bigger and better things. I shared a post similar to this, not nearly as detailed,on our LinkedIn page, when we welcomed the first day of autum. I just thought it was a great reminder of how important it is to take the time to do such things, instead of always pushing and pushing foward to get somewhere, sometimes we need to stop and look at the beauty of what we already have, and not forget to do maintence on our successes. So declutter that drawer, throw away those scraps of paper, and live lightly without all the excess baggage that holds us back, so when spring comes, we have room for the magic of new blooms and great promises that life has to offer us. 

September 2019

Kemmco Sales is getting ready to put our order in for New 2020 year catalogs. These catalogs will be our material handling, safety, and office furniture catalogs. Keep an eye out for them, as they will feature lots of great new products! We will be giving out some great deals throughout the year!! You can request your catalogs here on our website! Enjoy these last few weeks of summer, as they will be going quickly! As always we hope to hear from you soon!

August 2019

We are excited to announce a new product and service to our line of already amazing inventory! Drum roll please.....  WE NOW OFFER STEEL BUILDINGS!!! Kemmco Sales is so exited about this new line! I mean, who wouldn't be? You need more storage? Why waist the money renting a storage unit month after month when you can build your own out back, whether its for residential use or business. Need a garage? We can build you one. Need to expand your growing business's square feet? We can do that for you too! These buildings are absolutely amazing! Not to mention appealing to the eye, unlike most cheap poll buildings. Our steel buildings are durable, built to last a lifetime, and we have warranties to back them up! With so many options for size, color, snow loads, we can truly customize each building to fit your specific needs. Oh, and did I mention we can supply all the shelving and racking to go inside the buildings? Kemmco offers CAD drawings for each building you want to design so you can truly see the floor layout, building size, where it fits on the property, etc. This way you aren't met with any surprises along the way and you know you are getting exactly what you want. Please call or email us to request information, a flyer that explains all the details, or if you have any questions! We are so exited to launch this new service, and we hope you are too! As always, we hope to hear from you soon!!!

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